mantype Some of my Ham Friends mantype

John Keburia, 4L1AN is a great Georgian ham. Wonderful station in his flat in Tbilisi. His hospitality exceeds all I have known. I look forward to returning to his beautiful and historic country in the future. They have the best wine and cha-cha in the world.

Barry Cromer, WB4HPJ is the king of mobile. I got him interested in ham radio in 1960 when I called CQ DX from Miami and someone answered me from Coral Gables, Florida (6 miles away). I've known Barry since 1959.

Robert Butler, W4FW is a great DXer. One Call does it all. But, who needs two Signal-One transceivers. Lives on top of a mountain. Owns a truck.

Army Major Ron Lowrance, K4SX knows antennas and propagation. He has three separate stations in his shack and still does AM.

Joe Spear, W4WT the author of the best, most versatile logging/DX spotting program in the world. .. AND, it's Y2K ready...

Paul Burton, AA6Z has written the best AZ Mapping program in the world. Big signal and big DXer. He always does well in the annual IBM contests.

Jim Wilson, K4YE always first in the pile-up, Honor Roll, hates lists and lizards. A great friend. I first met him in 1971 in a card game in Boulder, CO. He won all my money. Jim became a silent key on Ash Wednesday, 2004. He will be joining DXers in heaven.

Bob Fuss, W4OWY is a County hunter, Country hunter, Antenna hunter. A great friend. He really likes George Killian beer. He invites everyone over for his 130' tower raising party.

Nick Limberis, K4OOL has a New FT-100 in New Car, Great friend and adventurer. We've dived for scallops, jet-skiied, para-sailed and survived a 5.9 earthquake together.

Gordy Fuller, WB6OVH has computer, TNC, APRS, GPS, 2-mtr with him at all times. You always know where he's located.

Mike Condon, NE4S runs mobile big time (the Imperial Cruiser). 3KW with tri-bander. I used to work with Mike at IBM. He has the perfect field day set up. You always know where Mike is with his APRS running. A great contester.

Harry Mills, AB9KF moved to Illinois from California and put up a big antenna in the snow. Take a look at his antenna project. Retired IBMers do the craziest things.

Bob Vogel, W0RY has moved all over the Country and finally settled down in Colorado. Bob has an IC 756PRO, Collins 30L-1 amp, motorcycle, snowmobile and other toys. Bob is also the author of The IBM QSO Party Logging Program

Bob Russell, WD4PAQ Started with IBM in Miami within a month of each other and have enjoyed each others company since 1959. He is my "tech-guy" and is just getting into DX. I sold him my SB-200 that I had trouble with. Two things wrong with it -- I smoked it and left an un-soldered connection to the ten meter input..

Bob Hinson, KD4VHK uses a IC-706 in his car and a FT-101 at home. Just put up a loop. Maybe we'll start hearing from him.

Jerry Jones, WA4CQ - WA4QQE is one ofthe finest hams alive. He is always there when you need him. I worked with Jerry at IBM for many years. Jerry left because of a higher calling.

Terry Jones, W4TL has the biggest signal out Flowery Branch. Has put up some impressive antennas on his property.

Keith LaBorde, K4KAL has just put up a SteppIR antenna. He has one of the most impressive stations I've seen. He's a good DX buddy and belongs to the SouthEast DX Club with me.

Fan Bin, BA1RB is a great IOTA dxpeditioner. My wife and I had dinner with he and his wife in Beijing. He is an IBMer as are most on this page and made history on the BS7H dxpedition on Scarborough reef in 2007. Drop by his webpage and sign his guest book congratulating him for a job well done. I worked him on CW the last day for a new one.