New Tower and SteppIR Antenna
I recently raised an new 65 foot crank up Aluma tower and new 3 element SteppIR antenna. The following are a few of the pictures and story.

A meeting with Keith LaBorde, K4KAL and Bill Barr, N4NX. After seeing Keith's 3 element SteppIR go up, I decided to get one. But first, I needed to put up a new tower.

Charles Turner, K0CZR volunteered to help take down my 30 year old 50 foot Rohn 25. Here he is helping me.

Dave Johnson, K4SSU takes down my old Rohn 25 and Cushcraft X7. On the top is a Diamond 2 meter and 70 cm. vertical. I framed up and poured concrete in a base that was 4 feet by 4 feet and 5 feet deep. It's loaded with rebar. It has 5 stainless steel threaded rods embedded in the concrete. It's not going anywhere. The top is U-bolted to a pressure-treated 2 X 6.

Here is my new extra heavy duty Aluma Crank-up. I can lower it and do work on any antenna standing on my roof.

Keith, K4KAL is the Project Manager and was a great help putting the SteppIR together and wiring it up.

Furman Lanier, WD4MKU gives technical advise and helps me assemble the fiber glass elements on the roof. It was cold and raining with a 20 mile per hour wind. Our hands were numb and sleet hit me in the face.

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